BIBLIOgraphia &  Miscellanea


BIBLIOGRAPHIES of Published Writings & Published Photos & Public Speaking & Photoshop instruction by Mark Mathew Braunstein

10 page PDF - updated 2021     (2MB illustrated PDF)

  • Books, anthologies, and articles, with many links to paper-published articles reprinted on the web.

  • Also biographical citations.

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5 page PDF- updated 2020

  • Published photos primarily of nature photography.

  • Some with links to photos reprinted on the web.

  • Also citations of exhibitions.

  • You might need to download PDF to activate links. 

3 page PDF - updated 2019

  • Talks, interviews, demos, legislative testimonies

  • Includes links to online audios

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1 page PDF - updated 2019

  • Photoshop tutorials, workshops, and classes. 

  • Includes link to my free tutorial PDF's.

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Forthcoming Books & Miscellenea



My forever-in-progress book will be titled


The Journey of 1000 Steps Begins with 999 Steps. 

For four precursor magazine articles, see the preceding Magazine Articles webpage titled WALKING



DeFacebook    (490K PDF)

Doing to Facebook what should be defaced to Facebook. 

I don't give a hoot what you want the rest of the world to know about yourself, I prefer to know instead what you hope to hide.

Consider yourself fortunate that I do count you among my DeFacebook friends. 

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